Wildshade MOD APK | fantasy horse races (Unlimited Money)

Wildshade MOD APK
App NameWildshade: fantasy horse races
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MOD InfoMOD, Unlimited Money
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Update August 12, 2022 (6 days ago)
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Wildshade MOD APK: Breed your dream horse with over 40 million options, equip each horse with matching tack, and prove that you are worthy of the legendary Wildshade herd. Take part in magical horse races in a fantastical, adventure-filled world!

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Wildshade MOD APK

Wildshade Ranch has one of the largest picturesque horse riding trails around, so you can spend all day on your favorite horse. Breed your dream horse with over 40 million options, equip each horse with matching tack and own a piece of land to become a cherished rancher. Set out on an epic journey in this magical world as you prove that you are worthy of the legendary Wildshade herd!

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Tragic News

A fire broke out in the village and nearby area. Wildshade Village was left in ruins, but there were no reports of any residents or wildlife having perished. The land has since recovered, but although many searches for Wildshine Village to this day, it has never been seen nor heard from again.

Wildshade MOD APK Features


  1. There are so many new worlds to discover
  2. Learn new skills as you explore thrilling race tracks
  3. Increase your abilities with each race as you discover new options


  1. Breed the perfect horse from millions of options
  2. Each horse has its own set of characteristics
  3. Each horse is unique


  1. Try out tack for your horse
  2. Select their saddle, bridle, blanket, hairstyle, hair color
  3. Decide what equipment you need to race


  1. Choose your character’s appearance
  2. Give your character a name
  3. Pick from one of eight different riders

WHAT’S NEW in Wildshade MOD APK

  1. Magical Crystal Unicorns will be joining Wildshade.
  2. Every week two of them will appear for a limited time in the shop.
  3. Don’t miss the chance to collect them all.
  4. Discover new horses in the shop every day and buy them with your in-game currency.

Wildshade MOD APK User’s REVIEWS

I am so far very impressed with how simple, yet detailed this game is. The horse coats are beautiful, that markings are amazing, the breeding is like a whole new world of possibilities. I’ve spent a few dollars here and there already in support. As someone else stated, there are a few things that could make this game greater. I definitely would like to see open world adventures with other riders, and different events with the horses, caring for the horses manually and the like._______(April Monster)


I love this game, but i am having a issue. (Not sure if it’s a glitch or something else) on the platinum stage on the event, it makes me stay on the round 2 and won’t let me go to 3 at all. It has been like this for 3-4 weeks now. But I do recommend people to play this game, it is very age appropriate and really easy to control!_________(Audry Marion)


Love this game. It can get a little repetitive, yes, but I’m hoping as the game updates more features will be added to make it more interesting. I know the friend options are coming soon and I hope there’ll be an option to race against friends, even multiple friends at once or something. I’d also love an open world feature, maybe an update to the breeding system so you can play with foals or grow them instantly, whichever the player chooses. More interactions with your horses would be nice._____(Mothia)


The graphics and controls are amazing! But you guys should add more options. It gets boring. We could interact with our horses. Feed/water them, pick their hooves, brush, wash, and pet them. Or ride in an open world with other players. Different types of competitions, like dressage. Also, make the competition fair. I ground and had 12 points off of what I needed in order to reach 1rst in the second tournament. It never allowed me to make or add any more points to my score, no matter what I did._____(Kylie Dawkins)

Wildshade MOD APK Summary

You can give your rider whatever name you’d like, but you should pick your character’s unique appearance first. Choose from one of eight possible characters and give their appearance a thorough thought. This will color their personality and make them identifiable in the game where millions of other players are battling for places on the leaderboard.

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