How to Compare Quotes from Auto Insurance Companies?

You need auto insurance that meets your needs (without going overboard) and doesn’t cost an arm and a leg. Make sure you’re getting the best deal by doing these things:

Know The Laws of Your State

Auto insurance is almost always required by law. If you drive without insurance or without enough insurance, you could get a ticket, have your car towed, or even lose your license, depending on where you live. Before you sign up for a policy, you should find out what your state’s rules are.

Get the Facts

Knowing what you need is often the key to getting the best deal. Before you look at different auto insurance plans, you should know the basics about your car:

  • Year
  • Make
  • Model
  • Special features
  • Features for Safety

It also helps to think about how you drive for a while. Do you drive to work every day or have a big road trip planned for this year? You probably drove more miles than most people. But if you work from home and only use your car for occasional errands, you might get a low-mileage driver discount. And don’t forget to add to your policy your spouse, family members, and anyone else who often drives your car.

Choose The Level of Coverage You Want

Auto insurance is not the same for everyone. Even though you can change your policy in many ways, there are three main types of auto insurance:

Liability: Covers the other drivers on the road and meets the legal requirements of most states, but it won’t help you if you get into an accident.

Collision: Protects against accidents on the road. Depending on how much coverage you have, if you get into an accident, your insurance company will pay for all or part of the cost of fixing or replacing your car.

Comprehensive: It protects you from almost anything else that could happen to your car. This includes damage caused by natural disasters, theft, and vandalism.

Figure Out if You Need Full Coverage or Not

A full coverage policy usually includes coverage for liability, collision, and everything else. Full coverage pays for injuries and damage to both you and the other driver if you are in an accident. You are also covered if your car is damaged or stolen and not found.

Full coverage is great to have, especially for drivers who often park on busy streets, but not everyone needs it. If your car is older, stays in a garage most of the time, or doesn’t get driven much, you may be able to save money by lowering your insurance. Don’t know what you want? Gabi has licensed insurance agents who can help you pick the right level of coverage for you.


Once you know what to look for, ask for quotes from more than one insurance company. Rates for the same coverage can vary a lot from one insurance company to the next, so comparing at least three policies, and as many as you want, is a good idea. You can compare policies by getting in touch directly with insurance companies. Gabi makes it easy to compare auto insurance rates and policies from companies all over the country in just a few minutes (or less).

When You Compare Car Insurance Rates, You Can Save Money

Gabi makes it easy to compare prices because you can link your current insurance account to it. We can automatically look at your policy to find out about your coverage, your car, and the people who are covered by it.

Then, we can look at other insurance companies for a better rate with the same or better coverage. We’ll let you know in a few minutes if you’re getting the best deal or if you could save money by switching.

Unlike some other tools that let you compare car insurance quotes, we also let you compare renters and home insurance quotes. Using these, you can figure out if you’ll save the most money by getting your auto and home insurance from the same company or if you’ll save the most by getting insurance from two different companies.

Why Comparing Auto Insurance Quotes is Important?

You want to save money on car insurance, and you know that to find the best deal, you have to shop around. But many sites that let you compare auto insurance quotes can’t sell you insurance. Instead, they make money by selling insurance companies and brokers your personal information. If you let Gabi compare prices for you, we take care of everything. We’ll find the best price, call the insurance company, and set up your policy, just like a real concierge service.

Here are Three Ways to Save Money on Car Insurance.

Here are three ways you might be able to lower your rate, whether you want to use Gabi to see if you’re overpaying or keep your current insurance:

  • Find out how much you can save by getting your home and car insurance from the same company.
  • You can save money by raising your deductible or reducing the amount or types of coverage you have. But it’s a trade-off that could cost you when you need to make a claim.
  • You might be eligible for some, like a discount for not driving often, but the company won’t apply it to your policy if they don’t know you’re eligible.

Your rates can also change over time, so getting quotes once or twice a year is another way to save money.