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Update September 28, 2022 (2 days ago)

Modern Ops for Android is The latest in 3D online shooting games online is here! Or re-wrote again, Online FPS games are the latest craze to hit mobile devices, and we’re the ones to thank for it. Do you like shooting games? Then get ready to strike like a lightning bolt right now! Shoot first and ask questions later in the hottest online fps games. It’s totally free online shooting games!

Features of Modern Ops for Android

More than 30 realistic guns and modern rifles to select from in the game. Select which tactics you want to use when firing at your opponents: sniper, shotgun, machine gun, or assault rifles in online shooting games. Utilize a variety of strategies in 10 players’ multiplayer online FPS action: team battles, joining forces with other players against others from around the world, and competing in ranked seasons to be promoted through different leagues.

You can also create your own clan of gamers or squad and utilize Killstreaks like drone strikes, sentry guns, and even rocket launchers as tactics to make your FPS strategy stand out among others!

Plan ahead and test new ideas as you complete missions or quests for contracts that you have access to when playing on mobile devices! Feel free to ask for help from friends playing with you in Survival mode! We strive for optimization. Regular updates, bug fixes, and many more cool features are coming soon. Mobile device optimized.


Thrilling action shooter modern warfare is here. Unleash the full potential of your mobile device in multiplayer FPS mode against real opponents from all over the world! Conquest to become the world’s best shooter of a squad of elite heavily trained special forces or seize domination and play as bandits who are on guard for everyone ready to come for them. Take part in battles and win top prizes in this Black Squad game!

Buy different ammunition, weapons and upgrades. Change the look of your weapon skins to be pro in our mobile shooting game.

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