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Update September 28, 2022 (2 days ago)

Honkai Impact 3rd Game Introduction

miHoYo’s flagship new game is an action role-playing game that brings you back to a simpler time of ultra-tight controls and simple 2D graphics in high definition. Experience a different time when the size of one’s combos was the only way to prove your ability in video gaming!

It’s just good and beautiful

The Starship Hyperion is miHoYo’s latest ship. Headquartered in the canton of Sebas and serving as a bastion for all that is just and good and beautiful, the Hyperion acts as a mobile headquarters for managing Genshin Impact’s interplanetary affairs. As Captain, you will have access to the ship’s Communications system (chat), Navigation system (combat simulator/armory); the Bridge Station system, which hosts the Crew Rankings; and consoles featuring maps of Genshin Impact!

Valkyrie Profile Honkai Impact 3rd

Valkyrie Profile is among one of the most classic story-rich JRPGs ever. One thing that sets it apart from other titles in the genre is that rather than a standard hero you take control of an entire party of characters who are all fully fleshed out and intricately developed over time to provide a very deep and satisfying story.

Honkai impact 3rd characters

While there are many viewpoints that can be considered favorite parts, for many fans the highlight reel for Valkyrie Profile will always be about Keith and his interactions with other characters as well as his backstory! Valkyries also return in this game with their powerful Mana magic having been upgraded along with new enemies to fight, side quests to complete, skills to learn, races and monsters to discover, a world map to explore freely in addition to things like mini-games, and more.

S-rank Battlesuit | Palatinus Equinox

“As a child, I had dreams of standing on the giants’ shoulders – bigger, stronger and wiser than I. I strived to become better than them in every conceivable way only to realize that I wasn’t a giant myself but merely an ant at the foot of a giant, who stands as big as they do because they shed light upon what it means to truly be great.”

S-rank Battlesuit | Spina Astera

When the power of the Astral Harness surges, Rita, recalls back to when she acquired her MECH battlesuit. Five years ago she was single-handedly taking out a squad of armored soldiers during a routine scouting mission when their armor began behaving strangely after it caught on fire and suddenly decided to turn against them, attacking one another.

After that incident, Rita discovered that this MECH suit had developed sentience; she kept it all these years and named it “Astral”, as in “the suit of stars”. Now Rita is much more level-headed about working with her suit ‘Astral’ as if they are truly partners, filled with trust and friendship — like a pair of warriors from the ancient ages.

Spring Treasure | Anniversary Cake Party

New Event! On December 21st all members will be able to fight 2 S-rank battlesuits, get 15 drop rates, and tons of materials for free!

Spring Event | Secret Project: Arahato α

After beating Arahato again, Timido found a mystery disc produced by the same Studio Reason: Arahato α. It turned out to be an old project that had been put on hold when BroNYA was put in charge of producing it.

It was part of her past work with Mythologic Interactive before leaving for Studio Reason. Bronya forgot about this game after so many years, but she can’t forget that it was her beginning in the industry and she spent a lot of time working on this project.

Spring Event | Spring Lobby 2022

The Black Lambs are feeling cheerier than ever before! Play Spring Lantern Fair, Glowing Riddles, Senti Reads Lots, or Spring Feast to obtain 350 Crystals and Honkai Shard.

New ELF | Blade Durandal

New ELF Blade Durandal debuts! She functions as both Physical DPS and Physical support.

New Open World | A Post-Honkai Odyssey Chapter 2 Updated

Mei and Carole return to the squad! Team up with friends as any APHO character in the limited-time co-op event Squads Assemble. Your synergy might win you 500 Crystals and more!

Supply Event | Spring Opulence

To commemorate the event, you can trade-in event tokens for special rewards including the Spina Astera Rank-up Stamp that can be exchanged for a permanent increase to your SP Leader’s level. The anniversary Firepower Supply also contains new anniversary outfits and items for Corral pets that use matching equipment.

Equipment Updates

Unleashing the power to defeat any beast – welcome Lance Midnight Eclipse and PRI Lance Midnight Ataegina! How about we create some theatre with Equinoctial Wonder set Bianka: Theatre (T, M, B), or perhaps it’s time to unleash some true Schicksal by setting Ragna (T, M, B)?

A word that’s been redefined. Design the future with a new perspective in the new saga, you will be designing the future.


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