Gotham Knights Will Only Be Available On PC

June 11, 2022 (4 months ago)
Gotham Knights

Gotham Knights have released new gameplay footage and details about its upcoming superhero coop game. The game will not be available on Xbox One or PS4 as Warner Bros. Montreal stated in a press release, that the company aims to offer the best possible gameplay experience with the most powerful hardware.

Gotham Knights Will Only Be Available On PC

Yesterday’s update to the game’s PlayStation Store page mentioned online support up to “4 network users”, but Warner Bros. Games confirmed to PCGamesN that Gotham Knights only offers a two-player coop for its campaign. It remains to be confirmed if the game will include a mode that allows for up to four players.


Gotham Knights Gameplay

The latest gameplay trailer for Gotham Knights is now live. It shows Red Hood and Nightwing in action. Nightwing is able to fight crime using his unique acrobatic offense. Red Hood can use an aerial glider to move around the city, while Red Hood can hold his ground and has a strong leap ability.

It’s set in Gotham City, where Batman has been declared dead, and the Court of Owls is moving out of the shadows. Players will be tasked with restoring law and order using one of four playable characters. The roster also includes Tim Drake’s Robin and Batgirl.

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