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Eternium is countless different role-playing games for players to enjoy and complete all the achievements within them. However, their content is limited, and the player will not play them again and leave all achievements behind. Compared to those games, there are many games with endless content and gameplay and use special programs to offer players new content to enjoy.

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Detail About Eternium

Eternium is the game mentioned in this article, as it is always repeated endlessly, but each enemy has significant changes for players to improve their combat effectiveness. Not only that, but its gameplay is entirely new and more impressive than most other games on the market. The content of Eternium is simple but never disappoints, as it is repeated endlessly and introduces new elements for players to explore and collect.

The first thing is the entire game’s main storyline and campaign, where players battle across multiple lands, face countless enemies and collect random rewards. However, the completion of all campaigns is not the end. Still, a new beginning, and the game will unlock new difficulties for quests and unique content for players to fight. The game can develop almost everything endlessly, but it gives players a completely new feeling, such as starting a new journey that players have never witnessed.

Flexible Control

Eternium is also famous for another reason, its unique gameplay, and control mechanics, where the RPG genre’s common arguments cannot be compared. Elements like the virtual joystick, console, and mechanisms do not exist in this game but are drawing and touch-only mechanisms. Because of that, the player can easily move, attack, and use skills with simple moves, a mechanism suitable for hit-and-run attack style enthusiasts.

Executive Abilities

Skills and spells are the highlights of Eternium throughout the player’s journey, but their activation mechanism is completely different from other games. Each skill comes with different symbols, and the player must draw that symbol over an enemy or a certain area for the skill to execute. The simplicity and flexibility of executing the skill give a magical warrior’s true feeling of the fantasy world. Furthermore, players only need to unlock their skills, and the game will let them enjoy spamming whatever they want on top of their enemies.

 Power of the skills

Eternium has always become a game with endless potential and an abundant skill system, divided into many different branches to develop and explore. The power of the skills is scaled according to the weapon’s power, and after each upgrade, the player’s damage increases significantly, helping them progress with the dungeons quickly. Besides skills, players can upgrade their character’s general stats, such as attack power, agility, defense, and many other factors. The player can even upgrade them endlessly throughout the eternal journey.

Highly Expensive weapon system

The essence of Eternium is to make everything endless, so a weapon system needs to be developed to help players fight powerful monsters. The color of weapons determines their rarity, and each weapon comes with its outstanding features; even players can craft designated weapons with excess resources.

The ability integrated into equipment has always been a familiar feature of the RPG genre, as they affect the character’s overall stats and stack effects to improve combat effectiveness. Not only that, but they can be developed endlessly when the player has enough resources, and the effect of each weapon is great, giving players more options to enjoy the game.

You Shell Fight

The Eternium’s dungeon mechanism is special and allows players to collect countless attractive rewards to improve their strength. However, it is infinitely developed and will yield stats upgrade every time the player defeats the current floor’s boss. The more dangerous and challenging thing is that the dungeons’ power is always 70% stronger than the previous, including their monsters and bosses, causing players to constantly farm from previous levels to advance.


The rewards for progressing to the higher floors are generous, and even players will have a chance to honor themselves in the world. The dungeon mechanics is always changing and is updated with new content, such as maps, enemies, rewards, and bosses for players to fight everything they have.

The endlessness that comes from the gameplay of Eternium demonstrates the new possibilities of an RPG game and what it can offer players. Moreover, the game even makes players work hard and fight hard, showing a familiar experience that heroes in fantasy worlds have to suffer. If you are looking for a simple game but rich and endless content, Eternium is the eternal battlefield you are looking for.

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